Excerpts from Doug Quint's mind and waistline.


Turkey Time

We’re back up in Nowhere WI for turkey season.

Last year was my first time out for turkeys and it was a total bomb. I don’t remember why but we weren’t set up well.... probably because I overslept and we had to scramble into place, but that’s just a guess. I learned that sitting on the ground perfectly still really wrecks my back and that turkeys are really fucking stupid.  

I’m happy to say that this year I am getting up much earlier in general so the 4:30am wake-up call shouldn’t be a problem. I  already have a back ache- I had something injected into a butt cheek this afternoon so hopefully it’s a little better by morning. 

This hotel is a no-frills joint- we stayed her last year. You enter the rooms from outside but there is a creepy service hallway. Which I love. 

Chinese Five Spice Ice Cream

Chinese Five Spice Ice Cream